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Choicely - Vote in Augmented Reality

Vote in Augmented Reality

Choicely is a digital voting platform that makes voting easy. You can create and join votes in minutes on www.choicely.com or download the iOS or Android app for augmented reality experience. Your followers with Choicely app get notified of your votes, allowing them to vote for their favourites in real time. Publishers and advertisers can integrate playful Choicely content on their websites, applications and TV Screens.

In a world full of contests, Choicely launches the first application that allows people to vote for their favourites in augmented reality. Choicely lists contests under users and topics, integrating the essentials of a voting as individual contests. Currently people vote with text messages, voice calls, using hashtags and simple website tools.

We played with all voting tools we could find and found out they´re good, but we decided to build a great one. Now we’ve built a place devoted to voting so you can create visual votes in minutes and share them with your friends. Choicely brings together contests that allow people to vote for their favourites with an intuitive interface.

Choicely allows you to:
• Vote in augmented reality
• See what choices different people make
• See live stats of ongoing votes
• Follow other users and hear about their future votes in real time
• Create your own votes about anything and ask your friends or new people to vote for their favourites
• Share any vote to social media to get instant feedback

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