Create native apps without coding
Choicely is a codeless app development platform that enables building high quality native apps. Choicely Studio publishing tool provides a visual, easy-to-use drag & drop builder for building apps - no coding skills needed. The platform enables building apps with extensive native features, and dropping in any web-based features as web views. The platform also enables integrating content from social medias and video platforms. Choicely platform is used for example by businesses in media, sports, entertainment, e-commerce and resorts.

Choicely app builder enables kick-starting app projects in a few workshops, and cuts project-based budgets of building multi-feature apps from 6-figures to an affordable monthly PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) model. This way businesses can go live using a comprehensive feature set, using Choicely Studio publishing tools to manage the app and content in real time. Any custom native feature can be developed and added to Choicely apps.
"Many of our customers are looking for ways to build high quality apps with affordable budgets. We provide an opportunity to build state-of-the-art apps in days with a custom branded app with extensive features on DAY 1. This enables instant monetisation of content through premium subscriptions, fan votes & contests and sponsorships."
Said Kaius Meskanen, CEO of Choicely, commenting on Choicely codeless app development platform.
90% of time on mobile is spent in native apps
What you might think will happen one day has already happened. People are now using 57% of their time in digital on mobile and 90% of time mobile is spent in apps. Only 10% in mobile browsers.

This is a wake up call for all business owners and decision makers of organisations who want to have a digital dialogue with their customers. Building a high quality mobile app to better engage and monetize your online customers is highly recommended to grow your business.

Websites & social media remain important parts of your digital communication, while high quality mobile app can offer your services and products with a highly mobile optimized user experience, instantly increasing engagement and sales.
Apps are in the core of 2021 digital strategy
Most businesses already have a website, email list and 1-6 social media channels for communicating with the customers and fans. While all of this remains important, we have learned that every organisation that wants to have a meaningful valuable digital relationships will need a high quality app.

This doesn't mean you should get rid of websites, emails or social media channels. A high quality app will become the heart of your digital platform with smart integrations to your web-based services and social media content. On top of your existing digital capabilities, you can start using push notifications for building a personalized relationship with your customers and you will have your own app in your customers pockets 24/7.

On top of this, you'll get the benefits of a native app UI with extremely fast loading times, effects, transitions and low number of clicks for your customers to consume content.
Choicely codeless app development platform is trusted by leaders in entertainment
The leaders in entertainment are using Choicely codeless apps for some of the most demanding TV show apps like Love Island and global brand like Miss Universe. Choicely platform stands out with it's state-of-the-art voting & fan engagement tools, capacity of dealing with millions of simultaneous users and easy-to-use tools for building and managing apps.

If you are planning on creating your own high quality app and want to build a meaningful digital relationship with your customers, book a free app consultation in the chat below. We are happy to hear from you!
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