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Introducing Choicely

Introducing Choicely

Today we’re introducing Choicely, a dedicated place to make choices in real-time with your friends and the world.

With unlimited choices made daily, Choicely is the world’s first application that really helps people make choices together. People have been using a multitude of ways to make choices together. Remember voting with text messages, calling numbers, using hashtags and filling out forms on websites?

Now we’ve built a place devoted to visual voting so you can get the feeling you’re making choices with your friends even when you aren’t together. With Choicely, all the content on Choicely related to the voting is in one place, and it updates in real time and appears visually. You can:

Choose your favourite things and share your opinions
• See the choices of other people
• See live stats of ongoing voting
• See voting info, like what other people want you to make choices about
• Follow other users and hear about their future contests as they happen
• Create your own contest about anything and ask your friends or new people to make choices together with you
• Share any voting to social media to get more opinions

Making choices easily is a global interest that connects people around the world. This product makes making choices more fun and engaging, and we will continue listening to feedback to make it even better.

We’re rolling this out Choicely today with a basic set of features with more cool features coming soon. The experience is available now online and on Android, and will expand to iOS momentarily.

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