How to build an app
Choicely Guide
Here's a step-by-step guide for building a native app on
* Create an app on
* Add your core functionalities
* Publish your app on App Store & Google Play
Go to, go to "studio" and click “create app”, setup your app name and click “create”.
 You can also select an app template to get started faster.

Currently this is a manual step for a little while longer, to get your app setup now, contact Choicely team on

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- How to set up a brand account & admins
Create a bottom navigation of 1-5 menu items with names & icons of each core feature. Set navigation of each feature to open the desired functionality (for example a feed / web view / article / other fuctionality )

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- How to create menus & feeds
Create an App Store account for your business here:
Create a Google Play account for your business here:
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- how to create an App Store developer account
- how to create an Google Play developer account
You have just created an app for your business and the App Store and Google Play developer accounts for publishing your app. Now contact Choicely team to handle the publishing for you! 

For more information, check out the other Choicely articles to learn more details how to create & manage native apps.

Choicely platform will soon provide the self-service tools also for the app publishing.