Finnish Sports Gala: The most touching sports moment of the year
Sports Gala
Simultaneous vote on 3 websites
Finnish Sports Gala organizes a yearly event in January in Helsinki, where top Finnish athletes are rewarded for their success in global sports tournaments. YLE - the Finnish broadcasting company shows a 3-hour live program during the event.

In the event, several athletes are rewarded for their success. Most of the nominations are made by a jury of professional judges and industry experts. One category called "Most touching sports moment of the year" is chosen by the Finnish audience through voting.
Since 2018 Choicely has been the selected provider of the technically demanding vote, enabling the Finnish audience to vote on multiple websites & apps at the same time: YLE, Iltasanomat and Urheilugaala websites. Choicely's highly scalable backend hosts data in Google Cloud and Sports Gala team can observe the live votes in Choicely dashboard. At the end of the show, the winner of the vote is announced on TV.
The user experience is built around the top sports moments. Users are able to watch highlight video clips of the most touching sports moments and then vote for their favorite sports moment. The 2018 vote was sponsored by Huawei, and the voters voted by touching an animated Huawei branded button, followed by a lead capture popup saying "Thank you for voting, you can leave your information and get a chance to win tickets to the Sports Gala or a Huawei phone". The GDPR disclaimers and check boxes are attached to the survey.

The Choicely user flow that starts from watching engaging videos, followed by an animated button and a fun lead capture form generated 51% conversion of all voters in 2018 and 48% in 2019 (and similar results in multiple Choicely campaigns around the world). The carefully designed user experience performs off the charts and is one out of many reasons why Sports Gala uses Choicely for the inspiring yet technically demanding Sports Gala vote.