Love Island Italy - TV Show App
Love Island Italy
Broadcasted by Discovery Italy
Love Island Italy season 1 was launched in June 2021 and the Love Island Italia app was Powered by Choicely. The season had a total of 29 episodes and the app was in a central role as the viewers were able to vote for their favorite islanders to stay or drop out during the shows.

Love Island Italy was produced by Fremantle Italy and aired by Discovery Italy on Discovery+ channel.
The Italian fans were introduced to Love Island Italia for the first time with a powerful app experience as a central part of the show. The fans were able to decide which islanders stay in the villa and which ones drop out. In the final episode, the winner couple of Love Island Italia season 1 was also voted by the viewers.
Love Island Italia app boasted a range of ways for the fans to engage with different competitions, fan votes, surveys and multiple sets of custom designed reaction buttons. This way the Italian fans were able to engage with the content and constantly interact with the show instead of only consuming the content in passive ways by watching videos, images & reading text. The reception was extremely positive and the show had high ratings and the highest viewership during the show time in Discovery+ Italy.