About Choicely

We believe in enabling marketing and communications teams to serve their customers with premium mobile optimized apps.

Mobile app technology from the Nordics

We’re a technology company based in Helsinki, Finland. Our roots are deep in native app development and we've been the successful pioneers of no-code mobile app technology development in Northern Europe. Our mission is to bring native apps into business and we’re doing that with a team of incredible talents.

  • Kaius Meskanen


  • Heikki Rotko

    Executive Chairman

  • Tommy Eklund


  • Max Traeger

    VP of Sales, UK

  • Olli Jantunen

    Business Development Manager

  • Eetu Huotari

    Business Development Manager

  • Minna Korpela

    Key Account Director

  • Kristian Pulkkinen

    Head of Backend

  • Jari Warpenius

    Head of Web

  • Visa Pekkinen

    Head of Product

  • Juhana Kommeri

    Head of iOS

  • Emiisa Knuutinen

    App Designer

  • Andrew Verbenets

    Senior Web developer

  • Anatoliy Simonov

    Senior Web Developer